How to Make Women Come: Orgasm Tips

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Want to make your girlfriend or wife have an orgasm? In other words do you want to make her come or “cum“?

There is no 100% guarantee that everything you will read here or elsewhere about female orgasms would work because women’s orgasms or ejaculation (also referred to as “coming” or “cumming”). Why? Because each girl or woman is different. Each has her own pleasure points and each has her own preferred way of reaching an orgasm.

Often, the pressure for men to make their girl cum or for women to orgasm is brought about by the media and internet, specially what you see in porn where women even squirt when they orgasm. This is often scripted to for cinematic effect. But female squirting is a different topic altogether. Not all women who orgasm are squirters. Often, squirting is seen as peeing or urinating.

If you have not been successful making your woman orgasm, then squirting should not be your primary concern. First you have to ask: “How do I make my girlfriend orgasm? Or how to I make my wife come or cum?” Once you have answers to these questions, then you can worry about squirting.

What is cum?

Cum is a slang for the ejaculate or the liquid that comes out of the penis (semen for men), and the vagina for women. See: Female Ejaculation Explained

See a video of female cum or ejaculate.

Female Orgasm

There are mainly two kinds of orgasms.

And here are some ways women reach orgasm

  • Penetration by the penis (intercourse)
  • Oral sex
  • Fingering
  • Use of sex toys, vibrators, or dildo
  • G Spot Stimulation

Here’s more! Lou Paget says there are 10 types of orgasm for women

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